More than seven decades of experience in the production of fresh and packaged pasta.

Año 2017.
We invite you to discover how our company is today through the following video.
Año 2018.
Brand presence campaign in the city of Rosario
Año 2019.
New packaging and flavors of the Pasteurized line in Blisters
Año 2021.
Open new store in Av. Avellaneda 1190
Año 2021.
Open new exclusive store in "Mercado del Patio", street Cafferata 729, in Rosario city

The brand history

More than seven decades ago, Don Felix Yuli was the pioneer in the creation of an establishment dedicated to artisanal manufacturing, starting a trade in this activity that would eventually lead to leadership in the important area of fresh pasta.

Pasta Yuli was the precursor to the dosing and packaging of pasta, for which it was necessary to invest and develop economic efforts of magnitude.

The first place of the company took place at 1494 Santa Fe Street. There, the enterprise began to grow, offering top quality products.

The careful elaboration and professional experience and an inexhaustible capacity for work allowed to gradually gain the trust and preference of the consumer public, definitely overcoming the deep-rooted habit of making pasta in the house itself and giving rise to the consumption habit based on the acquisition in establishments specialized as YULI.

The company is present through an effective distribution structure in numerous shops in different areas of the city, such as in large supermarkets, self-services, farms, etc. It has 7 exclusive stores located in strategic points of the city. Its distribution network also covers 80 locations within a 200-kilometer radius.

In Yuli we bet that everyday food is rich, balanced and accessible, so our goal is to bring new flavors and facilitate the task of cooking, offering variety and quality in all our product lines. Try them!

Our company today (2024)