Leek Pie

4 Personas
40 minutos

You need:
1 dough for Yuli cake / 2 medium leeks cut into slices /
100 g diced ham / 4 eggs / 100 g grated cheese / 125 g milk / ½ teaspoon dried basil / Salt and pepper

1) Cut the leeks into thin slices (we reserve a few to garnish). Add oil to a pan and sauté the leeks for 8 minutes. Add the cooked ham. Turn off the heat and cover the container. In this way we help the ham to cook slightly at a lower temperature.
2) Place the cake dough in the mold, and prick with the fork and take to the preheated oven to brown a few minutes.
3) Beat the eggs, add the milk, a little salt and pepper, mix with the leeks and the ham.
4) Pour this mixture over the puff pastry we have baked and take it again about 30 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees. When it takes half (15 minutes) sprinkle the grated cheese. Let it finish cooking in the oven and once finished take out and let stand.
5) Garnish with sliced leeks or fresh basil leaves.


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